Dysfunction at Western State Hospital

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A tough but accurate description of the current dysfunction at Western State Hospital: “Lawmakers poured in at least $120 million in the last two years by opening more than 150 new short-term psychiatric beds in community hospitals and paying for two new wards at Western State Hospital. Problem solved? Nope Meanwhile, the hospital has a toxic labor-management culture, with rapid … Read More

College tuition drops by $1,000

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“One of the great things we’ve been doing for students. While we have directed an additional $4.8 billion in new funds to K-12 education, we are reducing tuition for students. All without raising taxes. We need to make education affordable again for the middle class.” Check out this article from Bellingham about the tuition reduction for students at Western.

We released our first TV ad!

Chad MinnickNews, Results

“State government is broken,” says Senator O’Ban. “And if we work together, we can make a difference in people’s lives.” (watch TV ad below) Those aren’t just words to Steve O’Ban. Senator O’Ban has been a highly effective Senator on behalf of the people of the 28th District. Check out a few of the things he’s done in his first … Read More