O’Ban co-sponsors bill to backfill transportation funds cut by $30 car tabs

Chad MinnickNews

Voters have made it clear they want $30 car tabs, especially here in the 28th District. They have also made it clear they want investment in transportation and traffic reduction.

So Senator Steve O’Ban is working to give voters both. Without increasing taxes.

Sen. Steve O’Ban is co-sponsoring a bill that would create a long-term solution to transportation funding after the changes that I-976 made. And hi proposal would also add a new source of revenue for transportation without creating new taxes.

From the story in the Suburban Times:

The bill would redirect sales tax on vehicle purchases from the operating budget to the transportation budget. It would shift more than $30 billion over 20 years – nearly twice the value of the transportation funding package legislators passed in 2015 known as “Connecting Washington.”

The shift of revenue from the operating budget to the transportation budget would begin in 2020 and would take 10 years to complete.

“I-976 will leave a gap in the state transportation budget that funds important projects. The will of the voters should be respected. We need alternative solutions that don’t raise taxes — not a lawsuit.

“I have fought the last three years for Sound Transit car-tab relief because people have tremendous tax fatigue. Many are paying Sound Transit car-tab fees two- to five-times higher than they paid previously. That clearly fueled the sentiment behind I-976 in Pierce County. Now that the people have spoken, we need a logical source of revenue tied to vehicles so the projects the people need are funded.

“I’m confident that this bill implements the shift gradually enough that budget writers will have the time to take advantage of expected savings and extraordinary revenue we see in long-term economic projections.”