Endorsed by The News Tribune!

Chad MinnickNews

Today The News Tribune endorsed Senator O’Ban over his opponent.

The TNT understands Senator O’Ban to be the most qualified and best fit for the 28th district, and had something to say about it:

“While opponents brand him a mouthpiece for the far-right social agenda, we see him as one of the Legislature’s keen minds, a cool-headed constitutional lawyer and an insider in the Senate GOP caucus.”

As we go on TV and into mail boxes over the coming weeks, voters will hear more stories of how Senator O’Ban has gotten Oban JBLM traffic 2results for his district, and made a difference in people’s lives.

For example, Sen. O’Ban obtained full construction funding to end the choke point along the JBLM/I-5 corridor, helping to keep the base from closing, and saving thousands of jobs in his district (see above photo).

The TNT summarized their endorsement in their final statement:

“…his legislative work shows allegiance to the 28th, and that’s what matters.”

Thanks for all your support, and spread the word about this great endorsement.