You voted for $30 car tabs and Senator O’Ban hears you

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Senator Steve O’Ban has led the fight for car tab tax relief in and out of the Legislature. His opponent, T’wina Nobles, not only opposes the $30 car tabs that 28th District voters demanded, but the Seattle politicians who sued taxpayers to stop them are endorsing her because of her opposition. (see below) When Sound Transit pushed through the ST3 … Read More

O’Ban writes letter to Inslee urging $30 car tab relief

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Senator O’Ban wrote this letter to the Governor urging him to suspend collection of the excessive car tabs above $30. With so many out of work, and a recent court decision that $30 tabs are constitutional, this seems like a no brainer. The state shouldn’t be collecting it with or without the financial devastation of COVID-19.

O’Ban tells Attorney General Ferguson he must recuse himself on $30 car tabs

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Senator Steve O’Ban sent a letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson, asking him to recuse himself and hire independent legal counsel to defend the $30 car tabs initiative passed overwhelmingly by 28th District voters. Below is his letter. (See original here) FULL TEXT OF LETTER BELOW November 11, 2019 Robert W. Ferguson Attorney General 1125 Washington Street SE Olympia, WA … Read More