The CARE Act helps require them to get the help they need

Chad MinnickNews, Results

The CARE Act is a bill (SB 6109) sponsored by Senator Steve O’Ban to help those who are incapable of caring for themselves…and are usually homeless or in jail as a result…because of a mental health or substance abuse disorder.

The CARE Act would create a pilot program for King, Pierce and Snohomish counties and will allow for the appointment of a Court Appointed Resource Executor (CARE) officer for those who can’t make decisions for their own care, and the CARE officer will see that the homeless individual gets the treatment that they need.

This concept has been successful in California, and this would be the first time tried in Washington state.

We simply cannot allow people with these disorders to go without care, and left on the streets. Many of them end up committing crimes associated with their disorders, making cities and communities unsafe. The CARE Act gives families and law enforcement one more tool to use in finding a solution.

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