Former Recon Marine thanks “JBLM’s Senator”

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(Watch the video below)

Tony Belot is retired USMC, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and a veterans’ policy expert. After the Corps, he has spent his time helping other veterans transition from the military to civilian life. As the Senator for JBLM, this is one of Steve O’Ban’s passions as well.

“I’d like to thank Steve O’Ban, JBLM’s Senator, for what he does for us. He created a tax credit for employers who hire vets to get them good paying jobs, and college credit for military training. Senator O’Ban, from all of us who serve or have served…Semper Fidelis.” – Tony Belot

Washington State has more than 340,000 veterans working and living here. The 28th District is where many of these veterans have chosen to settle once leaving active service. It came to Steve O’Ban’s attention that our state has the highest veteran unemployment rate in the county. This is unacceptable, that is why Senator O’Ban wrote and sponsored the first statewide legislation that gives employers who hire unemployed veterans a tax credit.

Under Senate Bill 5042, the credit is equal to 20% of the employee’s wages and benefits over the first 6 month!

The end goal of this bill is to reduce veteran unemployment. Because our veterans have sacrifice so much for the country; we should uphold our end of the bargain now that they are home. Steve O’Ban is truly JBLM’s Senator.