State Trooper praises O’Ban’s efforts to fight sex-trafficking

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Unfortunately our region is a major hub for sex trafficking and exploitation of children. As the Chair of Human Services and Vice-Chair of Law and Justice Committees, Senator O’Ban has made fighting sex trafficking a focus of his work.

Steve passed a bill that helps local police with training to help them combat trafficking and lock up sex offenders.

State Trooper Michael McGee tells a story about a recent “routine traffic stop” that put an offender behind bars and how training made all the difference.

The girl was too young. The man was too old. It was a routine traffic stop, but something wasn’t right. Before my training, he might have gotten a ticket and been on his way. Instead, the offender is in jail, and one less child is in harm’s way. And thanks to Steve O’Ban, more local police will get training like I got. So they’ll know what to look for to fight sex trafficking that happens right under our noses. That’s just one of the reasons law enforcement has endorsed him. Thank you, Senator O’Ban, for helping us serve and protect.