Teacher Talks About Funding Schools

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Teacher Jennifer Cooke, from University Place, talks about Steve O’Ban’s commitment to improving schools. (watch TV ad below)

“As an educator I’ve watched for years as state funds were diverted away from schools to other things. But in his first term, Steve O’Ban has been fighting for school funding.

He voted to invest more in schools than at any point in the last 30 years, and doubled the investment in school construction to help lower class sizes. And all of this without a tax increase!

There’s still more to do, but we’re finally going in the right direction. Thanks, Senator O’Ban, for making students your number one priority in the state budget.” – Jennifer Cooke, University Place

K-12 Funding

Senator O’Ban has made it his priority since day one to ensure schools are fully funded. In fact, since his first term voted to invest more into k-12 Education than any time in the last 30 years, a staggering $4.5 billion. In addition, Steve voted for $1 billions for new school construction, doubling the previous budget for construction to ensure smaller class sizes.

Steve O’Ban keeps his promises, and he did all of this without voting for a tax increase.

We aren’t there yet, Senator O’Ban will not stop until education is fully funded. Students will remain the top priority in the budget.

Higher Education Costs

While across the rest of the country college tuition rates are sky-rocketing, Senator O’Ban joined a bi-partisan group of legislators and voted for an unprecedented reduction in college tuition, a cost that affects our middle class families in Washington State the most.

Steve O’Ban is a tireless advocate for education. As Jennifer Cooke says, there is still more to do, but we’re finally going in the right direction.