We released our first TV ad!

Chad MinnickNews, Results

“State government is broken,” says Senator O’Ban. “And if we work together, we can make a difference in people’s lives.” (watch TV ad below)

Those aren’t just words to Steve O’Ban. Senator O’Ban has been a highly effective Senator on behalf of the people of the 28th District.

Check out a few of the things he’s done in his first term:

  • As Vice Chair of the Law and Justice Committee, he investigated the early release of 3,000 prisoners that resulted in two deaths. The investigation outlined a dysfunctional Department and outlined several policy suggestions to help fix a broken system.
  • He won funding to fix I-5 congestion at JBLM…helping to keep the base off the closure list, protecting jobs. The biggest traffic jam in the district will begin to see relief. Planning and engineering is happening now and construction begins next year.
  • He supported prioritizing education funding (additional $4.5 billion, a 30-year high) and the biggest college tuition cut ever – without raising taxes.
  • Steve passed a bill that creates a training program to fight human trafficking by providing local law enforcement with specific training.
  • He passed a bill (Joel’s Law) that empowered parents to get their children mental health care denied by bureaucrats.
  • He holds government accountable when it fails vulnerable children, and “Aiden’s Bill” is already making a difference.
  • His bill that gave orphaned foster kids a legal voice to find loving homes has already resulted in dramatic improvements in the lives of orphaned kids. Prior to SB 6464 an orphaned child bounced around from home to home an average of 13 times. Today, that number is 2.5 homes before they are adopted.
  • Steve makes vets a priority. He authored a tax credit for employers who hire vets, and a program giving college credit for military training.
  • He advocates for better breast cancer screening with bipartisan legislation and authored a law to reduce pregnancy-related deaths.
  • He worked with Gov. Inslee and Trudy Inslee on youth homelessness prevention. Governor Inslee called him a “real leader” because of his work to pass that bill.
  • In the wake of the frightening stories out of Flint, Michigan about poor water quality from outdated systems, Steve O’Ban won funding for improvements in Lakewood to keep water safe for residents.